Friday, June 17, 2011

Bin Storage from Costco

Today I went to Costco with my friend Darlene.  I only needed 2 things so I went along with her for the ride and the company.

She drove so that helped me to only get what I needed. 

Most of the time I go in for a couple of things and come out $300 poorer with tons of stuff I didn't know I needed!  Does that happen to you too?

Anyway Darlene had a big shop to do so while I was there I cruised the aisles and found this....

 It's a bin storage rack system from Whalen. 
Click HERE for a link to the Whalen website for more views on this.

I know that if I had my own car I would have found a way to bring this home with me!  I'm not sure where I would put it but I could certainly fill it up!

Is this more industrial look a trend for residential/craft room storage? 

I just read that Andrea Walford has gone to the bin storage system too.

Click HERE to see her new storage system from Uline.

I think I still like the pretty rather than the practical look for my crafting area but I find myself looking around the house to see where I could put one of those bin racks.  Maybe the garage?

Until Next Time!


  1. Love this... but not for crafting. I tend to like closed storage so that I don't have to suck dust and cat hair out of everything. Hubster's got an auto shop and a wood shop, so would be terrific there.

  2. $30 off July 11 to July 17, 2011