Saturday, June 11, 2011

Punch Storage & Custom Craft Space

I often get asked - How do you store your punches?

Storage is an ongoing issue for me because I have soooo much stuff and I keep buying more! 

But as I tell all my crafting friends - keep your craft stuff where you can see it and access it.

Out of sight, out of mind!

Which for me means if I don't have it handy and ready to use I forget about it and I don't use it.  OR worse yet I buy duplicates!

What a waste!

So even though my desk and work area is very cluttered I have most of my tools and supplies handy!

I used to keep my punches in a drawer like this and they hardly got used or more like I'd be too lazy to dig them out and find what I needed.

So what I did a while back was I hung them on my wall!

I bought 3 of the Ikea Kroken kitchen rails and one of the matching magnetic knife rail. 
This is what it looks like "naked".
Unfortunately they are no longer available but Ikea has others that work just as well.

This is the Bygel Rail - it's super cheap and comes in 2 lengths.  Click the photo for more info.

There are so many interesting and different storage ideas on the internet now. 

You can pretty much find anything you need just by Googling it!

And lots of lucky women have their own "custom" or makeshift craft spaces. 

I fell pretty lucky to have 1/2 of our main floor den - I share the other half with my son and his gaming system.

If you haven't already checked out Crafty Storage you should!  There is lots of info and sharing going on there and you may find some ideas that will help you.

Right now I can think of a couple of women who are showcasing their "renovated" craft rooms.  One is Nicole Heady (from Paper Trey Ink) and the other is Mary Fish.

HERE is what Nichole's old room looked like.  Isn't it gorgeous!!!  She is re-doing it but I can't find the link right now so I'll post the link to her updated room as soon as I find it!

THIS is what Mary's old room looked like and now she is installing a custom craft room after her move to another state.  If you are interested in seeing a custom craft room being built please click HERE to go to Mary Fish's blog.  She is setting up her special place - it's amazing - and she uses the Bygel rails for her punches.

Everytime I see an update from these ladies it makes me want to purge and re-oganized my space!

I hope that you get some craft room/space inspiration by visiting their spaces.

Until Next Time!

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