Monday, October 24, 2011

Certifiably Certified!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of taking the Copic Intermediate Certification course with Sherrie Siemens.

I learned a lot in this class!

One of the things I learned was to be more consistent with colouring my images.

This is what I mean.....

image by Marianne Walker

 I was trying to colour consistently both the clothing and skin tones in these images.

image by Marianne Walker

This first one is very flat and I only used 1 colour for his shirt, shorts and hair. 
His skin was done with 1 colour and then BV00 was used to add some shadows.
The final image is flat but consistent.

image by Marianne Walker

In this second image I used 3 colour blending and went as dark as YG67 in his shirt.  So to be consistent I had to go darker in his skin tone as well.  I used E15 to give him darker skin shadows and balance the intensity between his skin and clothes.

Stay tuned I've got more to share from this class!

Until Next Time!

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