Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unusual Uses for Copic Markers

In the last few days I've had to grab my Copics for the most unusual fixes.

1.  Last night I touched up my gray roots but afterwards I noticed that I missed a spot.  So out comes E49 Dark Bark and I touched up the area.  Voila! it's gone.

2.  This morning I noticed that I had a bleach mark on one of my favourite black tops (not from bleach but probably from a lemon).  So out comes 110 Specail Black (I could have used 100 but I grabbed this one first).  I just dabbed a bit on the bleached out spot and Voila!  It's gone.

3.  In my den I have dark espresso stained cork flooring.  It's beautiful but the rollers on the desk chair scrape away at it in spots.  So out comes E27 Africano and E49 Dark Bark (again) and quick touch up fixes it fast.

Do you have any unusual Copic uses you'd like to share? 

If so please leave a comment here - I'd love to read them!

 Until Next Time!


  1. Wow!! I never thought to use my Copics for that stuff! What a bunch of AWESOME ideas these are!! My mom would have done these things and so much more, but she's not around anymore to give me good ideas. Thank you for sharing these, so I could feel her presence today...on my birthday!

  2. Great tips Marie. Thought I'd pass along a great free digi to you. Go to Saturated Canary blog spot. Really cute little girl by quite a talented artist. If you like the big eyed, mod type girls.