Saturday, January 25, 2014

Marie Update

Saturday, January 25 2014

Thanks for all the positive comments about my purging.

I know you must be getting bored of it - I am - but I promise you that it is coming to an end and that I will start to create stuff again and post on here (or on my crochet blog).

I am motivated to clear up some space in my craft room/office so that I can actually work in there.

Over the years I've accumulated a lot of tools and supplies for the various crafts/hobbies I've gotten into.

For a while now my room has looked like a dumping ground for unwanted craft stuff.  I'm trying to change that so that I can work comfortably & creatively in there.

It may seem like it, but I am NOT getting rid of everything.

I've been "collecting" rubber stamps and papercrafting supplies for over 10 years now and my interests and tastes have changed.

I'm still crazy for paper and my COPICs and hope to share some new stuff with you all soon.

Thanks to everyone who has picked up craft stuff from me through Freecycle and at the ScrapArts store!


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