Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Art of Decoupage

Years ago I was really into Decoupage. I used to teach ALL DAY classes in my home on how to make Decoupage Under Glass.
Decoupage is the art of cutting and pasting. You can use this technique to decorate and embellish a lot of items.
I taught my customers how to decoupage glass dinner plates, glass fruit bowls, wooden serving trays and tiles.

Here is one of my favourite pieces. I donated it to a charity auction and it went for over $300 (yes I got a tax receipt for the entire amount!). This piece is a large glass fruit bowl (about 14 inches in diameter) that I picked up at IKEA for under $10.

The fruit images come from tissue paper that I bought at Michaels. I cut out each image with precision scissors. Then they're carefully glued onto the back side of the glass with white glue (Elmers). The gold background is a layer of gold tissue paper. The final step is to spray paint the entire back side with an enamel gold spray paint.

It is food friendly in that you can use it as a cold serving piece but you CANNOT put these pieces in the dishwasher or into water.

These next 2 pieces are trays (again from IKEA). The images come from paper napkins or printed tissue paper.

I have donated a lot of my decoupaged pieces to charity and school fundraiser auctions. There is a school fundraiser coming up and I've been asked to donate something. I haven't decoupaged in years but I may just pull out all my supplies and make a few pieces for the school.
Don't worry I haven't given all of my decoupage away. This last one is another fruit bowl made with images from napkins. I really love it and it's one that I'm going to keep!


  1. OH!!! OH!!! Your decoupage is awe striking. They are works of art!!! I love the delicate look of the colors. I can see why your bowl went for $300 dollars! Wow!!!

  2. Wow $300.00, that's awsome! These are really beautiful!