Thursday, February 8, 2007

It's just like Christmas at my house!

It's actually better than Christmas.
Every couple of days the mail carrier brings me a few packages and I get to open them up right away.

And the goodies inside...are just FANTASTIC!

You see I'm in the middle of hosting a swap. It's a 34 participant card front swap which is due to me by Friday, February 16. Spefically it's a themed swap - Stampin' Up! Accessory Showcase swap.
This is what I've received so far - 340 cards!

There are many different kinds of swaps and swap themes and I've hosted quite a few. I've lost count but it's at least 30 (probably more as I LOVE to swap). I've also participated in a TON of swaps too! Have I told you that I LOVE TO SWAP! I even have my own YAHOO! swap group for Canadian Only Stampin' Up! Demonstrators.

This particular swap is a card front for card front swap. That means the participants send me a set amount (34 in this case) and I distribute all the cards amongst the group and then send them all 34 different cards back (33 different cards really since they get their own back too).

So these wonderful ladies (all Stampin' Up! Demonstrators) are sending me 34 cards each - ALL 33 of them - I'm also in the swap! That's 1,156 card fronts.

Can you visualize all those cards spread out all over my living room floor? That's what I do - I spread them all out and then I deal them out until they are all distributed. I must say that there have been times when I've done this and ended up with cards left over or not enough cards. Then I have to start all over again and recount the cards.

It usually ends up being that I've miscounted or someone sent in the wrong amount of cards - too many or too few!

This time I've actually remembered to count each card package as it arrives. So far there has only been one and it's usually just a misunderstanding of the instructions.

I also have to check for return postage. You see I don't pay for sending these back - the participants are responsible for their own postage to me and then return postage to them. So far again there has only been one lady that has forgotten her postage. It will get sent to me eventually or I can't send out her cards!

I'll let you know how it all goes and post photos.
Have I told you that I LOVE TO SWAP?

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