Friday, February 9, 2007

Kids Classes

Yesterday was my last Valentines kids' Papercrafts class at my son's school.

I've already posted the card using the Divine Swirls Cuttlebug embossing folder and the nested Hearts die but I'm showing it again with the little treat holder we made.

The treat holder is just a piece of white cardstock cut 3.25 by 11 inches. You score at 10, 6 & 4 inches and then flip over and score again at 5 inches (ends up being a reverse score mark between the 6 & 4). Fold the piece at the 4 inch score and then punch with the tag punch (or heart). This gives you a tag cutout on the front and also one at the bottom - kind of like legs or feet. Fold up the piece like a W with the little 1 inch piece at the top. Fold that over like a flap. I found some ziploc bags that have a hole already punched in the top - above the zip - and filled them with pink and red smarties. I then punched a hole through the top 3 layers of the treat holder. The kids stamped and wheeled the treat holder. To close up - just line up all the holes with the ziploc bag in between - and thread a length of ribbon through the all the holes. Add a stamped tag and then just tie a knot in the top. It's very easy peasy and the kids loved them!

The kids also decorated a "gift" bag (kraft paper lunch bag) and a matching envelope using wheels.

I only get 25 minutes to do this class during the kids lunch recess so the supplies are all pre-cut (even the pop dots). It goes quickly and smoothly with the help of my good friend Zona. Zona has been helping me for the last couple years with these classes and although her kids are no longer at the school she still enjoys doing the classes. At least I think she does? I pay Zona in treats and stamps and I know she enjoys those! She's very patient and helpful with the kids. I'm very lucky to have a great friend like Zona!

This is the last kids' class for a while. I may do some Mother's Day and Father's Day class and then of course more classes at Christmas but I've cut back a lot on my classes. I want to have some time to enjoy all the STUFF I've accumulated being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator instead of always being under pressure to come up with class ideas and samples. I'm hoping that I can find the love of stamping again. I've recently learned that I'm not alone in this - there are many others that have the same complaint. We all get into Stampin' Up! because we love to stamp and then find that we don't have any time to stamp for themselves!
Speaking of which I'm now working on class samples for next week's Heat Embossing class at the scrapbooking store. I also need Dry Embossing samples, coaster project samples, and more new ideas for classes.
See what I's never ending!

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  1. These are adorable. Thanks for the treat bag instructions...I could think of many ways to use these (esp. for my son's preschool class)! And mmm, smarties!