Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My Personal Favourites Non-SU! Tools

I'm such an enabler I know - but I can't help it. There's so much cool stuff out there now and of course we need to have it all for our business/hobby.

If you 've got some extra hobby money burning a hole in your pocket here's MY PERSONAL FAVOURITES LIST of non- SU! tools:

1. Absolutely number 1 for me - the ATG adhesive transfer gun. I cannot do anything without this tool. It really sticks!!!Even works under vellum - I've had success with light colours only. I haven't tried yet on dark but will be experimenting for sure! I got mine at National Hardware Supply in Ontario.

2. Crop-a-dile Have you seen the tutorial on that? I bought one in the fall and didn't even take it out of the package until I got back from California after Christmas.

There I saw it demoed on one of the shopping channels and I couldn't wait to get home and "release" mine. I keep it in my tool tote now and use it all the time. It's perfect for late night eyelet setting. Because it's got that recessed piece it's great for setting large eyelets and eyelet charms. I'm happy to say that I am now using eyelets more than ever and for things that I never though I would - on tin, chipboard, fabric and it even punches through magazines so you can put them in binders!!!!

Here's the link to a crop-a-dile tutorial:

3. Cuttlebug - If not the machine itself, definately the embossing folders at least. They are affordable and card front sized. You don't need the bug to emboss using the folders. You just need to dampen your cs and then use a rolling pin for a similiar effect. If you're embossing lightweight cardstock there is no need to dampen.
The bug itself is affordable with a store coupon and you can use any of the leading dies with it. Add on a few extra things like the rubber mats from Ellison and Spellbinders and you can emboss ANYTHING that has texture - coins even!

Here's another tutorial this time on the Cuttlebug:

For serious spenders:

4. Cricut - Best little automatic die cutting machine for bulk cutting and scrapbooking (my personal opinion here). I LOVE the Base Camp cartridge font and use that one the most. Mine even cuts chipboard although a lot of them don't.

5. Rubicoil - great for binding handmade notebooks, card organizers, card sent/received books, coaster calendars & books and kids projects. I got mine at QUIETFIRE DESIGNS in Port Alberni BC.

6. Laminating Machine/Xyron - I use this a lot for protecting my colour sample charts, SU! date charts, bookmarks, notebook covers, & kids projects.

This is just my personal list and I'm sure that other people could add their own favoutites to this list...

Have you heard that Diana Crick (a fellow demo) is launching a new scoring tool called score pal? Check it out at I think it's coming out in April. Looks pretty cool and a little more affordable than the other score-it board.

I'm sure it will be one more tool to add to my list...

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