Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stamp Stuff!

Ok this is the last post about my trip to Arizona...

Here is a photo of what I brought back with me.

I had a list of items that I was looking for - File tabs, jumbo paper clips, jumbo clothes clips, glue pads, dies and embossing stuff.

I found an Office Max and bought the printable file tabs in white and coloured vellum. I'll use these to make file tabs for my IB & C and also for my bound books.

I brought back 2 Starbucks carriers to make those neat little gift packages for a year end gift. I can't seem to find the carriers here just the bottles so of course I saved these and brought them home. My husband thinks I'm nuts!

I found MEGA paper clips at both Office Max and Target (the silver ones from OM and the coloured ones from Target). I also picked up a box of the JUMBO coloured clips from OM. I'll use these to make paper clip book mark projects for Mother's Day with my kids classes. We'll do this with the chipboard flowers, ribbons and accents on the end.

I found a GLUE PAD at Joann's. I bought 2 I was so excited to find them. These are great for stamping images and then adhering glitter, gold leaf, pearl ex or flock.

I picked up 2 Cuttlebug Embossing folders (script, congrats), 1 of the smaller embossing sets (baby) and the flower die. I also picked up a filmstrip Sizzix die all from Joann's.

To the right you can just make out a little package of what appears to be little silver dots. These are actually self adhesive magnets. They come in twos and you can use them to close small books, cards or pockets on your projects.

What's not in the photo is the JUMBO package of Hershey's Nuggets that I picked up in the grocery store. I can only find the small packages of the milk choc with almonds here so I try to bring home a large bag of the assorted whenever I go across the border.

Well I thought I did very well - I didn't go overboard and I brought home enough to keep me busy for the next little while.

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