Thursday, April 5, 2007

What I've been up to...

Not much stamping going on at my house!

I'm working on class samples and class prep today so I have to make this a quick blog post.

I've got a Squash/Explosion Book class tonight at the LSS and I've still got to pack up for it. I'm letting the customers pick their own paper so I'm hoping that it will be a "controlled" free-for-all!

The one part I'm not looking forward to is the ribbon picking. The store doesn't have that great a selection of ribbon and hopefully everyone will find ribbon to match the paper they choose.

I'm working on a SPONGE BOB explosion book for my niece but I've left it "in progress" so that I can demonstrate with a live sample how to do the scoring parts tonight. I'll post the finished book over the weekend.

I'm also working on samples for an upcoming Will You Marry Me? class for May. I've promised 3 invitation designs and 2 favour designs for this class. But I like to make up extra samples to give the customers lots of ideas using the same designs. I'm thinking about letting let them pick their own colour combos for one card?

The cards are ALL standard 1/4 (or invitation) size so they won't cost extra to mail and the envelopes are easy to find!

I've got a few samples done so I'll post these for you today. The rest I'll post later.

Please Note: Congratulations not necessary - I am NOT getting married. I just used my name for the samples!

For the favours I'm doing a triangle placecard with kisses or truffles inside. The second favour will be a vellum twist.

Here are few triangle boxes that I've made up so far.

That's it for today....

I really should go pack up my stuff for tonight!


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