Sunday, May 6, 2007

Blog Candy Comments

After reading all the comments in my Blog Candy post I've realized that I just LOVE to shop for stamping & scrapping stuff and then HOARD it!

I too have a ribbon obsession, a paper buying problem, an embellishment addiction and an excessive acryllic stamp collection.

I'm going to come clean with you all and show you a bit of my stash. Now remember I have craft stuff all over my house and this is just the stuff that I keep handy and ready to use.

Yes I do use planters to store my ribbon as well as these clear top stackable ribbon cases (from Michaels).

I also have a gift bag full of ribbon spools that I don't have containers for...

Note to self - stay away from the Value Ribbon bin at Michaels!

I keep my embellishments in these collapsible bins that are 14 x 18 and 10 inches high . I got them at the hardware store and I have 3 chock-o-block full like this one. I keep them in the lower cupboards in my den.

I'd love to have my embellishments out so I can see what I have but I'm afraid the kids will use them! Especially my darling daughter who is very crafty and has taken over my SU! pastels, watercolour pencils and a set of prismacolours. She once cut 2 yards of velvet ribbon to tie around a friend's gift!!!! Can you imagine my shock and horror...

Keep the comments coming - it makes me feel better to know that others share my obsessions.

Is there a self help book or support group for us? Do we want to change?



  1. Whoa! I must admit you have me beat! You certainly do have a problem with embellishments! But, gee, I'd love to get in that bin & dig! : ) Can you tell I have a problem too?! I can't imagine having to hide it from the kids (mine are grown & gone) but that would be awful. You'd never know what you had.

  2. Too funny! I use those very same planters for sorting my Prismacolours by colour family (in soup cans) and for all my scissors and tools. Hadn't thought of using them for ribbon!!

    Diane (in Surrey)

  3. need one of my DH's ribbon holders...or maybe 3, lol. That is a whole lotta ribbon girl, but it's all good right *wink*