Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Enough already!

I reread my post from last night and I'm embarassed. What a whiner I am!

Enough already! I will make time today to stamp while I wait for the TV repairman and I will reschedule some other things to make time for me. I am in control and I can fix this!

However my creative slump - that's another story! I need some ideas for finding inspiration.

Anyone want to help me out?

If so, I'll make it worth your while....

I discovered that I have 2 Cuttlebug Traffic Jam Embossing Folders (both still in the packaging). Since I only need one I'd like to give one away.

So let's do the comment, random number thingy and give one away!

Are you interested? I'll post a photo later if you don't know which one it is (it's the funky looking square background one).

Just leave me a comment/idea to help me get my mojo back and on Saturday I'll draw a name!


  1. wow CB stuff! I have a bug but no embossing folders waahaaa lol. I have been enjoying the tutorials at

    In the archives they have some great projects. I love and just made the Jacobs ladder!

  2. Hi. I don't have that embossing folder, but I'm loving those I do have! I get inspiration from you and the other bloggers as well as SCS. But...I also find it helpful to pick a set of stamps or a theme and start walking the paper isles or going through those papers I have on hand. I look for color combinations that "grab" me, hold my stamps up next to the paper and start imagining what I can do with those things. Then I walk the store or go through my supplies and am usually astonished to find many embellishments that are just perfect. I sketch ideas as I think of them, since stamping and card making are on my mind probably 18 hours a day. LOL! I refer to those sketches once I've got the stamps and papers/embellishments chosen and go for it. It may take me a few experiments, but I usually end up with something I like. Good luck!


  3. Wow-you have a lot on your plate right now! Glad you will find some time to have some "you" time. I think that's just what you need!!

    How about looking at some fun, colorful blogs to get you going again (they are stamping ones but home design ones) ? I love these to get inspiration on colors, patterns, style: and

  4. To get my mojo back I like to check out all the good blogs. I also like to go to my favorite scrapbook store and get new ideas and buy something. Then I always want to go home and use it right away. Hope that helps. I love my cuttlebug but I don't have that folder, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

  5. I've moved all these comments to the Traffic Jam post. Please leave your comments there to be entered in the drawing for the folder.