Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No stamping except for my feet!

The only stamping around here lately is my feet. I'm so frustrated with how busy this week is turning out to be.

So far this week is beginning to be a "make more work" for Marie week. Lots of errands and very little me time.

I've been running errands, doing paperwork, trying to fix broken stuff, and trying to get my house ready for painting.

Errands! I feel like I'm forever dropping off and picking up stuff. It never ends. Dry Cleaning, tickets to my son's play, my daugter's cell phone, my LOST cell phone, late DVDs and PS2 game rentals, stuff for the school's silent auction..... the to-do list goes on and on and on. And even though I'm crossing stuff off it seems that everyday new stuff is added.

Fixing stuff! The TV mysteriously broke down, the cars need repairs, the fridge needs to be serviced, I need a manicure and my roots need attention.

Painting my house! I met with a painter yesterday and he wants me to pick paint colours by Friday and clear out rooms so he can start painting next week! I thought he was going to say "we're really busy right now. how about July?" Which is what I was expecting but nooooo he's coming with his crew of 6 or 7 next week AND my opinionated, colour blind husband wants to "help" pick the paint colours! Which adds to my to-do list - pick up paint samples from the paint store and put them on the wall for all of us to look at and still not know which colours to pick...

Unexpected things have been happening to me this week. Where is my me time? I feel like it's Friday already! I've pulled out some paper and stamps but I just haven't had the chance to do a thing with them! I want to do Diane's sketch challenge this week but I'm blocked. Lost my mojo. My creative juices are being stifled by my growing list of "other" things to do each day.

What kind of things you ask? Well for starters the TV broke down. My kids are so suspicious of me that when they went to turn it on (before school) and it didn't work the first thing out of their mouths is "What did you do to the TV mom?". Like I disabled it so that they couldn't waste time watching TV in the morning instead of getting ready for school. Like I've done that before...

But no really - the TV is broken and the repairman is coming tomorrow. I'm convinced that "they" make stuff these days to fall apart after a few years so that you have to buy a new one. Everything is disposable! In my parents' day a TV would last a really long time. Not like our 6 year old one which has bit the dust. Hopefully the repairman can fix it - LOST is on tomorrow night!

The cars are occupying too much of my time of late. I've already been to the dealership this week (yesterday with my husband's car) and I've got to go back on Thursday for my car because it needs brakes. Found this out when I took it in for new tires last week (2 hours at the tire place). I hardly get to drive my car these days except when I'm taking in for service. You see the weather has turned warmer and it's a convertible. Well that makes no sense right? But it does because my husband wants to drive it and has given me his car to drive. We've swapped and the same thing happened last year too. As soon as the weather turns nice he wants to drive the convertible when the rains start he doesn't want to drive it. Ohhhh you feel sorry for me that my husband has taken my car? How sweet - but don't. I really don't like it! At first it was such a treat but then the honeymoon was over and reality set in. What was I doing with a convertible? First of all it's standard (5 speed) and a two door - with 2 kids and a dog - come on need I say more? I'd much rather drive his SUV for as long as I can.

Well I should go walk the dog before it gets too late. Speaking of the dog he has needs too. I've got to take him to the groomers tomorrow!

Then I'm homebound to wait for the TV repairman who's given me a 3 hour window (bless his heart). Maybe I can get some stamping done then or when I'm at the dealership on Thursday waiting 3 hours for my brakes...

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  1. Poor Marie! Isn't it great being a wife & mother? Sometimes we wonder - but at least it's not like that all the time! Hope everything goes smoothly for you & you get all those "things" done so you can have more stamp time.