Friday, May 18, 2007

Kids' Father Day Class

I had something "different" in mind for my Kids' Father's Day Papercrafts classes.

I started out with this.

And came up with this.

I've decided to do a paper covered wood photo block for the Kids' Father's Day class gift. This is basically what the kids will go away with. I know it looks kind of plain but I'll add some embellishments in a grab bag for them and they can add their own photos at home.

I'll finish this one off later with some photos (printed in sepia) and give it to my husband for Father's Day!

To go along with this "block" gift I'm contemplating one of those shirt & tie cards. I'll post the card later when I finish this block.

Where did I get ALL of these wooden blocks??? That's 12 feet of lumber cut into 30 blocks!


I went to a small local lumber yard and sweetly asked someone if they would cut the wood up for my kids' craft classes. I needed it for Father's Day.

"No problem MA'M!" the overeager lumber yard attendent said.

"What will that cost me?" I asked hesitantly. I'm thinking there must be some minimum charge for cutting that many pieces. You'd think?

"No charge for the cutting. We're happy to do it!" said the ever-so-helpful lad.

"Great thanks! Can I kiss your feet? Offer you my daughter's hand in marriage? Co-sign your car loan????" OK I did NOT say those things but I was very grateful.

I'm going to send them a card and mention what great customer service I had there - from Adam - a nice somewhat pimply young man who called me "ma'm" (LOL! I won't put that in the card!).

I hope that the kids can get this done in 25 minutes and that the dads like it!

A few notes for those that want technical details...

1. I used 4x4 unfinished pine (really it's 3 1/2 x 3 1/2)

2. I used random pieces of patterned paper from various sources - the main colour scheme is "browns".

3. I used my ATG to stick the paper to the wood block - YES I DID!!! In the kids class I'll have a plate of white glue and some brushes at each table. Yes I will experiment with that method as well - I'll have to keep an eye on the gluing and drying time!

4. I used Dollar Store sanding blocks to sand off the excess paper from the edges.

5. I used Micahaels' BasicBasic wide gingham ribbon (in Brown) and Stampin' Up! Chocolate ribbon.

6. I did not finish the bottom but may add some cork or felt feet. Not sure yet...


  1. Hi Marie,
    I did the dad's shirt card as a Father's Day craft at school a few years back. What I did instead of a tie was to take a small circle punch (I think it was a half inch) and then punched two tiny circles with my hand held punch to make buttons. It went over really well.
    p.s. the photo cube is a great idea!

  2. Ohhh I like that idea too! Hmmmm may have to CASE that one;)

    Hope your class goes well!!



  3. What a Great Idea!!!!

    Thanks for Sharing!


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