Friday, May 18, 2007


I had the best mail today!!
(ETA: actually this was meant to be posted yesterday but I hit save instead of publish)

Not only did I receive MOST of my packages for an Oldie but Goodie swap I'm hosting - I got an unexpected Tax Refund from Revenue Canada.

Just in time for the new Stampin' Up! catalogue release!!

Yes people - sometimes the mail can be good!
Please Note: For those of you new to my blog I do not usually post these kinds of photos. I'm trying really hard to remember to use my camera (and have more photos of me taken so my future grandchildren won't say "What did grandma look like?" or worse yet "Was grandma always old?"). So I apologize in advance for the quality and content of some of my photos during my period of adjustment.


  1. lol...girl you are too funny!!! Glad you got such fun happy mail!!! Sadly we pay every year...we pay the least this year but haven't been able to get away from it yet. One day we will & it will be a happy time;)

  2. thats was so funny to read! lol. do you do a lot of swaps with the US? I find I have a lot of mail comming but have ti wait so long!!! I hate waitting lol!