Tuesday, May 8, 2007

UPDATE to How forgetful am I?

Today I remembered to take the scratched lottery tickets in and won $15!!

That would be five $2 wins and one $5 win.

How exciting is that?

While I was cashing them in the cashier was kind of looking at me funny and then a group of my daughter's friends walked in. My daughter just about died of embarassment.

So, I felt like I had to explain that I DID NOT have a lottery problem and that these were forgotten stocking stuffers.

I told the cashier I had more to scratch and would bring them in later. She said to bring them back to her. I think she was curious to see if there was a big winner in the bunch. I told her "for sure - you are lucky for me!"

I'll scratch some more tonight...

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  1. whoohoo for you! Ohh my gosh, my memory is just as bad or at least pretty dang close Good luch with the rest! Hey I just noticed your in BC...where? I am in Mission.