Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Facebook Anyone?

Facebook is new to me. It actually BOGGLES my mind and so I'm a bit leary of it.

My daughter loves it and is constantly on it.

When my cousin (in Camrose, AB) sent me an invitation I signed up and added her "as a friend". Then her sister (my other cousin, this one in ON) asked me to add her "as a friend" to my facebook.

So I did. Then I added a few more people and then a few more people "as friends". Are there any enemies on Facebook?

I don't kow how to use it but when someone asks me I just follow the screen and add them "as friends". I don't know how to do anything else and frankly don't see the use of it.

Then I got a weird email to my home email account asking me how I knew this person (the one who was sending me the email). I replied I didn't know her why would I?

She replied that I had asked to be added as a friend to her facebook.

Very weird - I don't know how to do that and really don't use Facebook other than when someone asks me to add them.

So I deleted my Facebook. Or so I thought..... (insert suspenseful music here)

Last week I get an email from my sister (in ON) asking me to add her "as a friend" to my Facebook. I ignore it - I don't have facebook anymore. Or so I thought .... (insert suspenseful music here)

She sends me another email asking me to add her. Again I ignore it.

She sends me yet another email (we have this annoying family trait of being annoyingly persistent) and point blank asks me WHY I won't add her to my Facebook. Do I have something to HIDE?

Yes in fact I am HIDING from Facebook and all my so-called "friends" there!

So I apologize if I've hurt anyone's feelings on Facebook. I didn't know that I was still on there.

I just don't get it. My sister has offered to show me how great it is when I come to visit her in ON (we're leaving on Friday). She is reconnecting with a lot of old friends from high school.

I don't remember much from high school (I'll just say it's because of meno pause and leave it at that). Don't know if I want to go back and reconnect with anyone - that I don't remember.

We'll see...


  1. This is sooo funny!!! I mean, I would be like - who needs Facebook, when I have all these great friends online blogging and sharing the same ideas and passion that I do, right?! Yep, I there with you, girl - I don't really care to hook up with some of those back in high school - if I did, then I would've searched a long time ago. hahaha. hey, but I totally love the fact that we've got our own circle of friends here in blogland tho' - don't cha agree?!

    Let me know what your sister shares with you - I'm interested in hearing about what it's all about.

    Hugs n' Aloha,

  2. ok its creepy how many people find you on FB! I have 65 "freinds"! I dont make freinds with people I dont know so if I dont know the person trying to conected with me I asked them to let me know how they know me. (one person was my DH cousin!) Its fun but I stay to family and real freinds for now :)