Wednesday, June 27, 2007


to some of my early stamping.

I've noticed that some bloggers are posting flashback cards. These are cards that they created when they first started out.

Tonight I was digging through some cards - I'm going to take a few out to my sister in ON - and I found these two cards from my early days of stamping (circa early 2005?).

I didn't use too many colours back then - basically one colour and a neutral.

In the early days I also used eyelets a lot more and vellum too. Now that I have my crop-a-dile there really isn't any excuse not to use eyelets - but brads are so much easier! The second card is actually vellum run through the printer.

My stamping style is pretty much the same but I tend to use more colours, more backgrounds and sponge more now.

The only BIG difference between what I do now and what I did then is that now I create ORIGINALS.

Back then I did a lot of "CASEing" - I copied cards that others designed. Oh sure I tried to change something so that it wasn't an exact copy but the point is it wasn't an ORIGINAL. It was something that I'd seen on SCS or in a crafting magazine.

A while back I was having a Creative Block and just couldn't stamp anything. Then I found SKETCH CHALLENGES and that was exactly what I needed to get out of my slump!

It was kind of neat to see some of my old cards - I've really learned a lot!

If you're in a slump I'd suggest you go back and look at some of your old cards - maybe you could recreate them with current stamps and colours OR try a Sketch Challenge.

It worked for me!

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