Sunday, June 10, 2007

Help please!

Sorry, the tinyurl link that I included in my previous post is not clickable.

I don't want to keep adding the full length link in my posts and I know there is a way to shorten these links (that are clickable) but I don't know how.

Can someone enlighten me on how to do that? Please let me in on the secret to adding short cuts to long links and leave me a comment.


ETA: Thanks so much to Melanie!!! In the comments here she tells how to do this. It's so easy and now I've changed my previous post to link to the other post on my blog. I'll be doing this from now on!!!

1 comment:

  1. ok you know when your posting there is bottons above like font and bold ect. one of the bottons is a world with a line with two circles one on each side. in yout post you hilite your word like My gallery ect and then you copy the link and click the earth botton and past the link in the box that comes up. clear as mud! lol. let me know if you have more questions!