Monday, June 4, 2007

Such trouble from something so small....

If you've been reading my blog I don't have to tell you how much I LOVE to swap!

But really, this last one gave me such trouble. I'm talking about Amy Lobsinger's Inchies swap. Can you guess by the title that 1 inch square cards would be swapped? Well that's right!


I thought when I signed up "How hard can this be?". Let me tell you - it was VERY hard for me!

First of all we had to use CURRENT and NON-RETIRING Stampin' Up! materials. So that excludes 90% of my stamps! I took a HUGE hit when the Retirement List came out.

I signed up for FALL and MASCULINE - 2 spots. I started out by looking in the Stampin' Up! catalogue and trying to come up with some kind of plan. Well that didn't work because I don't have any of the "mini" stamp sets that would be appropriate for my themes.

The next thing I did - which I must admit is quite BRILLIANT - was to punch out a 1 inch square out of scrap paper and really look at the stamp sets in the catalogue that I have that are still current.

Thinking outside of the box I came up with Wild About You and Lovely As A Tree (it was still out from last week!).

I won't keep you in suspense any longer - here are my swaps:

Very simple and easy - finally - in the end!

I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with...


  1. What a neat idea... a 1" card swap! And I love your creations!

  2. I too signed up for a swap for inches. My brain did not process how small they would be. You did a wonderful job!!

  3. oh I still need to make some! maybe today!

  4. Such cute little cards! You did good! I've been making the little 3x3 cards and think they're so fun and so cute to do, but 1 inch...!!! Very cute. :)