Monday, June 4, 2007

More "Shirt" Cards

Great minds think alike!

OR maybe it's just that the shirt folding idea is great for upcoming Father's Day cards...

After I posted my shirt card and Shirt Folding Tutorial I found that 2 other bloggers had posted shirt cards too!

Here's a link to Cambria Turnbow's shirt card and her tutorial for folding the shirt using the Scor-Pal. You should check out her entire blog - she's posted other great samples using the Scor-Pal.

For those of you that don't know the Scor-Pal is an awesome new tool designed by Diana Crick If you haven't preordered one - what are you waiting for???

I really like Cambria's card composition and all the interesting elements she used. I also like how she folds up her shirt (no she's not flashing us!!) before flaring out the sleeves. I'm going to reverse my last 2 steps now that I've seen her tutorial!

The other card was done by Julie Ebersole and she used REAL MONEY!!! to make her shirt. What an awesome idea. I sure hope she told the recipient it was real CASH that they could take off their card and SPEND!!!

I hope that seeing these examples inspires you to try out this fun little folding project. If you make a shirt card please post your link in the comments here.

Happy folding everyone!

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