Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blog Candy Comments

I'm getting quite the chuckle from some of these Blog Candy comments!

Don't forget that TODAY is the LAST DAY to post comments for Blog Candy. Leave your LOVE & HATE comments here.

Here's a couple I just had to reply to:

LindaSS wrote: Thanks for a chance at a 2nd entry. The thing that most turns me off about a stamp store is boxes and carts blocking the aisles. Disruptive & screaming kids aren't a desirable feature either:)

LOL! I want to ask Linda if it's her kids or other people's kids that she doesn't like. I know that when I shop my disruptive & screaming kids aren't desirable either - and my kids are 12 & 14 years old!!! They HATE browsing in stamp stores and the little play area just doesn't appeal to them anymore.

KardKrazy wrote: What I saw yesterday was the biggest turnoff ever in a stamping store--they had the Michael's $1 wooden stamps on the shelves for $5.99.

I saw THE SAME THING at one of our local stamp stores (I won't "out" the store but I can tell you that it's NOT my LSS - ScrapArts). I thought the stamps looked familiar but it was the lady shopping beside me that commented on them being Michaels' stamps. She asked me if she should say something to the owner and I discouraged her from doing so. I'm sure the owner knows where she buys her own stamps from and I didn't think anything would be gained by "outing" her. Maybe I shouldn't have said that but I'm often torn in these kind of situations - I worked retail a lot in my life. Maybe they just got them from the same supplier??

Sorry that's it for today.

I've got company coming for a BBQ tonight and I still have to sweep the back patio.

I won't have any time to stamp today but hope to get a few challenges done tomorrow. I've printed off Lauren's at My Time, Beate's at Fresh & Fun and Jen's at Pieces of Me.

Why don't you join me and try some of these challenges for yourself!

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  1. LOL...Since my two kids are grown (and my 3 little grandkids are perfect angels:) it was other peoples kids that are occassionally a bit disruptive. The only one I'm contending with is a husband that HATES to shop and often times acts just as badly as those kids in my post. LOL