Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time Flies...

I'm sorry to be neglecting my blog lately - my son is in a Lacrosse Tournament this weekend and so I am otherwise occupied. GO THUNDERHAWKS!!!

BUT I have been reading the comments from the Blog Candy post and everyone has offered some great suggestions. It's funny how we are all looking for different things and react differently to what is presented to us!

Please keep those comments coming!

If you'd like to have more chances for this drawing please comment on what TURNS you OFF when you enter an online scrapping/stamping site or walk into a scrapping/stamping retail store.

I'll be making the draw for the CANDY on Sunday night. I'm going to print off the comments and actually cut them up so the MORE you comment the more chances you'll get!

Thanks and keep checking back!


  1. What turns me off is walking into a store and no one else is around, it's deathly silent and when someone finally sees your there they watch you the whole time like your going to steal them blind. I also hate it when a store is way too hot. On line I hate it when it's hard to navigate or very slow, and the shipping is way too expensive.
    Claudia F.

  2. What turns me off in the LSS is a rude sales person. I too watch the shipping costs when shopping online...they can really inflate a 'good' deal!!!

  3. I get turned off when they are always out of everything. Grrrr. You drive clear across town and they are out of it again or still. Annoying!!!

    lois lane

  4. I walked into a scrapbooking store once & was really turned off when I saw merchandise that just looked REALLY old, like it was around for 5-10 years already. I guess I like to see my LSS follow the trends a bit more. But speaking of old, another rubber stamp store had a shelving (of stamps & embossing powders) that was so dusty & cobwebby - that also really turned me off!

  5. What turns me off is when I walk into a stamping store and I cant find what I am looking for and I can't find anyone to help me or better yet when I do find someone and they have no clue what I am talking about because they are not crafty.

  6. What turns me off it people who are not willing to help answer questions for you and help you with your purchases.

    For online stores, it would have to be not easy to navigate. I like items to be catagorized together. I.e. brass stencils, adhesives, rubber stamps, acrylic stamps, etc.

  7. What really turns me off in a retail store is clutter - boxes of merchandise sitting on the floor - I know they need to have time to restock the shelves etc. but do it gradually, no leaving boxes sitting all over the place so that you have to be careful where you step! I shouldn't criticize because I can be very unorganized when I'm working on a project - stuff all over the place.

  8. What I saw yesterday was the biggest turnoff ever in a stamping store--they had the Michael's $1 wooden stamps on the shelves for $5.99.