Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm Backkkkkkkk!

I'm back from vacations (plural since we did 2 different ones back to back) and I'm buried DEEP in dirty laundry! You'd think that with all this laundry that I've have tons of time to stamp - but NO!

There has been NO stamping for Marie today - I've been busy on the phone returning calls and with other household problems!

For the last 2 weeks or so my garage door has been "acting up" and so the repairman was out today.

BUT as Murphy's Law would have it - it works fine while he's here. I'm surprised it actually works consistently that is, right up until he's ready to go. This would be AFTER I've paid him for the service call to do nothing except lubricate my hinges and tighten my nuts (sounds kind of kinky doesn't it?).

Luckily I tried it one more time before he left and sure enough it didn't work. After several more adjustments and attempts to open or close the garage door, the repairman smacks the motor in frustration. Would you believe it started working again? Well it did!

This confirms that there is something wrong with the circuitry inside - maybe from all the vibration? he tells me. Anyway, it will cost $250 to replace that part and another $100 or so for the labour plus he had to order it and then come out again. A new opener installed will cost $450 - sure enough he has one on his truck. Our current opener is only 4 1/2 years old and of course out of warranty!

I'm seriously contemplating installing a new motor myself! Has anyone done that before? My hubby is no help - he's more of a duct tape and WD40 kind of a guy!

I talked to my dad (he lives in another province) and tells me I can do it myself. I'm not so sure so in the meantime there will be some "garage door abuse" going on at my house until we get it fixed!

The other problem that's keeping me from stamping is my wireless modem. It's not working and you'd think the kids were suffering from some kind of terrible disease they were moaning so much. After being away for so long they want to get on and "chat" with their friends. Doesn't anyone use the phone anymore? I guess not! So I spent some of today (when I wasn't in the garage pushing buttons) reconnecting our computers with wires.

Now this I know I can replace myself! It's just a matter of getting out of the garage and out to the store to pick up another one.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a stamping day - I'm about ready to burst will all kinds of ideas that I've been sketching and wait until you see my NEW STAMPS!!!

Check back tomorrow and I'll announce the winner of Card Sketch Challenge #2 and post another challenge!

Thanks for checking in with me...

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  1. Ack-what a pain in the nether-regions! $450.00 would buy a lot of stamps and supplies!