Friday, October 19, 2007

Paper Trimmer Review

I have 3 Fiskars track type blade trimmers (including the SU! one), I have the LARGE Fiskars rotary trimmer (bought it at Cosco years ago), and in July I bought the new SU! table top guillitine trimmer (it's the same as the TONIC one).

I like all my trimmers and can't seem to get rid of any of them.

I have to say that I LOVE the new SU! table top trimmer. I wasn't sure if I "needed" another paper cutter but now I have it out all the time and it's become my GO-TO trimmer. It cuts cleanly and thinly. It's precise and sharp every time I use it. It's perfect for cutting the SU! white paper that frays with the other trimmers, also for cutting photos without leaving marks, and for trimming up excess teeny bits on card layers.

I can cut up to 3 sheets of SU! cartdstock without trouble. The important thing to remember is to always push down on the plastic guard to hold the paper firmly before you push the blade down.

However, I will not give up on my other trimmers because they have their uses too.

My Fiskars Rotary blade trimmer is my work horse and I can cut more than 3 sheets of cardstock at a time. Depending on thickness I can cut up to 6 sheets at a time and it's great for class prep.

My Fiskars triple track blade trimmers are compact and good for hand scoring with a stylus (I HATE the scoring blade and never use it). I'm not perfectly happy with the quality of the cut they make but they're portable and convenient. Since I have 3 of them I take them with me to the classes I teach as "extras". A lot of the classes I run are for beginners and unbelievably some of them don't have/bring a trimmer! So these are the perfect trimmer for people to learn on.

I do have a Score-Pal and use it all the time at home. But for portability and convenience I do take a triple track trimmer with me to classes I participate in for both paper cutting and scoring (with my stylus). It's a good 2-for-1 tool!

So even though I have all these trimmers each one has it's use and no one will replace the others.

What kind of paper cutter/trimmer do you have? Are you happy with it?

Go ahead and post a comment on your trimmer here - share what you love about it/hate about it.

I'd really like to hear your opinions on trimmers!


  1. I have the purple and orange Fiskars that I bought a few years ago that I used to love. Then I bought the Making Memories one that folds in half this summer, LOVE it! I need a Scor Pal though because when I cut with the Making Memories one, and then go to score with the Fiskars one, it doesn't match up. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think so. Hahahaha

    I bought a trimmer at Costco a few years ago but it was horrible, I don't remember the brand name though.

  2. I have a thing for paper trimmers, too! I usually get rid of one when I get a new one though. I've had a carl cutter (great trimmer for class prep when I was an SU demo), I got rid of it when I quit SU. It took up too much space!

    I've had the fiskars rotary trimmer... same issue - space.

    For now I'm just using my fiskars triple track even though it doesn't cut perfectly. If I "need" a perfect cut I use my perfect layers tool!

  3. I just bought the tonic guillotine and am happy to hear what you say about it. My fiskars trimmer -- it stops being sharp after such a short time and I have to keep buying replacement blades. On my wish list is the Scor-Pal. It seems people are pretty happy w/ the SU/Tonic trimmer!