Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's FINALLY happening!!!

I love to see photos of other people's stamp spaces and organization ideas.

For years I've been saving these photos on my computer just for the day when I can pull it all together for myself.

Finally that day has come!!!

I'm going to re-do my main floor den (that's where most of my stuff is stored anyway) and turn it into more of a better work area for me. Yipppeee!

Over the years I have taken steps to become more organized and have used some tips that I've found on the internet. Here's what I did to organize my accessories, my stamps and my cuttlebug stuff.

The only trouble is - except for those things I've shown you above - the rest of the stuff is all over my house. Here's a photo of the storage closet in my downstairs bathroom!

Now I'll be in just 1 room! No more dining room disasters for me!!

I'll be posting before and after photos when it's done.

The first thing on my list is to get rid of the big couch in the den! Then I can evaluate the space left and see what I can do about adding a new work surface - countertop or table?

If anyone has gone through something similiar and would like to share some tips/suggestions with me I'd really appreciate hearing them.

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