Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Craft Room - Revisited

After I saw the photos of my craft room on my blog I realized how awful it looks!

This really motivated me to get my butt in gear and clean it up! So I did and I took more photos of what it really looks like when it's nice and organized. I'd like to share these with you now.

I'm not going to lie to you and say that it looks like this all the time... In fact it's kind of messy right now as I work on a few projects and stuff is slowly creeping back out and onto the counter tops!

I decided that one of the craft caddies should stay out and act as a home base for my tool tote!
Do you see the flooring in this photo? It's a dark espresso brown cork. I laid it myself!!!
Here is my new work area where the couch used to be. These are two tables from IKEA. The narrower one closer to the window is the perfect width to house the 2 drawer lateral filing cabinet from Staples.
Check out this new Making Memories Tool Carousel! I just got it at Michaels yesterday!
The curio (or knick knack holder) was in the garage. It was a cast off from my daughter's room makeover (used to hold all her Cherished Teddies figurines). I really want to get one of THESE - maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas? In the meantime this will do!
I found these plastic jars at Michaels and they are made by Making Memories too!
They are the perfect size for buttons, flowers, ribbon scraps and knarly old sponges!
Some close ups of the tool caraousel! I LOVE IT!!!

I haven't quite figured out what to put in the teeny tiny triangular drawers but I sure am enjoying the cubbies and the big one in the middle!
ETA: These pictures were included in my messy room photos in an earlier post but I'm adding them here too so you get the whole picture of what my room storage looks like!
This is how I store my cardstock:

I'm unmounting my stamps and storing them in these Linen Martha Stewart CD boxes:

I have 2 of these Craft Caddies with various 1 inch and 2 inch drawers (you can customize them to your needs).

This one holds all my embellishments:


  1. The phrase: "stuff is slowly creeping back out and onto the counter tops!" is so true :)
    It looks very organized.
    Ilse, St. Catharines, ON

  2. Wow, that is an awesome craft room, I love it!

  3. Hi Marie,

    Where did you get the Martha CD cases?? Also, where did you purchase the empty cd cases? I am heading to Kelowna on Friday and want to pick these up if I can..

    Thanks muchly