Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pyramid Explosion Box & Tutorial

See the pyramids along the Nile.... That's how the old song goes right?

But the pyramids I'm talking about are Pyramid Boxes in my craft room!
I really like the look of this Pyramid Explosion Box I found here and was inspired to try my own.

So I made some for an upcoming class at ScrapArts the LSS where I work part time and teach classes.
I kept mine very simple so that the customers could embellish as desired. With a class like this I let them pick their own paper rather than dictate the paper. I also like to see all the pattern and colour combinations that they come up with!

This is a photo of my pyramid box closed.
I used a 12x12 sheet of paper for the outside layer and scored at 4 & 8 inches.

Here's what it looks like opened up.

I used a rubon for the greeting and a small flower with a rhinestone brad for an embellishment.

There are many "pages" to add photos or journalling.
This is a neat project because you can make the pyramids any size you want and put surprises in them - I'm thinking Hershey Kisses or if I can find one - the really BIG Hershey Kiss.

These Pyramid Boxes are so easy to make and since someone asked me I thought I'd put together a tutorial for them.

Here's a quick tutorial for making the 2x2 pyramid favours.

Supplies needed:

6x6 piece of double sided patterned paper or cardstock weight paper

16" length of ribbon or cord



Bone Folder or Scor-Pal


Small hole punch (I use 1/8 size)

Label/tag or embellishments as desired

1. Take the 6x6 paper and score at 2 inch intervals (2 & 4).

2. Turn the paper and score again at 2 inch intervals (2 & 4).

3. Using your scissors cut away the 2 inch squares at each corner.

4. Using your ruler mark with pencil the centre point of each protruding square (for this size it will be at the 1 inch mark).

5. Using your ruler again make a line from the centre point to the corner on each side.

6. Cut away the excess leaving protruding triangles or as my son calls it a "throwing star".

7. Determine which pattern will be your inside and which your outside and then fold at the score lines accordingly. In my example it was easy - I chose the side that didn't have any pencil marks as my outside!

8. Punch holes near the top of each triangle. For the Pyramid Explosion Box I used eyelets here because the ribbon would be threaded through multiple times and I thought the eyelets would make it stronger and less likely to rip the holes. For these favours I didn't use eyelets as these are meant to be threaded and tied only once.

9. Thread the ribbon through your holes. Attach a label or embellish as desired. Add a small treat like a truffle, kiss, or individually wrapped chocolate and then close the pyramid with a knot of a bow.

10. Give it to someone you love and eat the leftover treats! You know you bought extra "just in case"!


  1. Thanks for this great tutorial, Marie!

  2. What a great tutorial! TFS!!