Friday, May 2, 2008

Please Stay Tuned...

I haven't stamped a thing in so long!

I'm on hiatus from working at the LSS (Scrap Arts) and I have NO classes coming up for a while so I've been doing some much needed SPRING CLEANING!

I've been organizing and sorting and doing more organizing. I can't believe how much time this is taking up!

How do you keep track of everything? I used to keep a primary notebook with some stuff jotted down in it. This week I put together a ring bound book and made up a little inventory of some of the items I have so that when I'm shopping I'll know what I have and this way avoid duplicate purchases. Not my original idea I stole it from my friend Zona - who kept a notebook of all her stamps!! I'm sure that many of you already do this.

This is what mine looks like:



As you may know I've unmounted my stamps - well most of them.

I won't unmount my alphas (I'm actually considering selling them?) and I won't unmount my Backgrounds (they look so pretty all upright on the shelf and they're easy to access and use).

But everything else has been unmounted (including most of my wheels now) and put into CD cases and then into CD storage boxes. I've labelled all the CD cases (with the stamp set name) and storage boxes (with the stamp company name) but I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to reference all these stamps now.

Any suggestions?

I'm thinking I'd like an image book that I can flip through and then go to the appropriate storage box and VOILA! there are the stamps I need.

But how do I sort the image book - by theme? - by alpha? Do you see my dilema!! Do I stamp each image on paper or do I find the images on the internet and then keep them electronically?

Is there anyone out there who's done this and who may have some pointers? If so PLEASE leave a comment - I really NEED your help on this one! I'm stuck at this stage and really need to get past this point!!

And then there's all the other "stuff! I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat. I have SO MUCH stuff!!!

The upside is that I have lots ot play with but the downside is that I can't find stuff and I can't feel creative if I have to go looking for it all the time. I want to know what I have and have it easy to access.

So my organizing continues and the stamping - not so much!

Although, I do have a Wheel Swap coming up and I've got to make more cards for the stores that I supply so expect to see some cards coming up soon. Oh and there's also the Craft Circle ladies that I'm doing the class for at the Scrap Arts store - they want some WOW! cards - so I'm going to do some "techniquey" cards for them.

So please stay tuned...

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