Thursday, May 1, 2008

What the heck??

You may look at this pile of rubber and wonder "what the heck is that Marie up to?"

Well I'll tell you - I've unmounted my WHEELS!!! Yes you read that right - I have unmounted my WHEELS.

I used to have 4 of these pants hangers FULL of wheels and more wheels in the Stampin' Up! Wheel Storage Cases. I really like the fact that wheels are affordable and easy to use - but gosh they were taking up so much space and I'm in a de-cluttering mood...

After seeing THIS POST by Laura - I decided that I would do this too and save space - not to mention the "wobbly wheel" uneven inking image problem.

Don't get me wrong - I did NOT unmount ALL my wheels - I only unmounted retired wheels. I even kept some old rubber on wheels - you know those "texture" type wheels like Speckled and Hot to Dot.

I'll apply Alleen's tack it over onto this rubber and then start looking for an acylic block that is big enough - 2 1/2 x 7 - to use these as stamps.

Kind of like smaller background stamps...

What do you think about that Jennifer Gray?


  1. LOL~!!!! You are too funny Marie! CRAZY and yes, when I read your post I thought "WHAT THE HECK!?!!" marie, marie, marie.... you are awesome! The guts it takes to make that first PEEL off the wheel -- wow. but you know what ... I bet I'd use them more that way too! Now will I follow you AGAIN!!!! LOL....

  2. Well that is a wonderful idea Marie, you gals rock. I agree some of the texture wheels I will keep.
    Now I am looking at wheels differently.
    Connie Paxman

  3. I do not have very many of
    these wheel stamps yet...
    but I have seen quite a few
    people taking them off the
    wheels now.
    Storage is always a problem
    this would be a great help.