Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Father's Day Card/Gift

For Father's Day the kids gave their dad a new IRON.

Now you might know that my husband is an avid golfer and that a new IRON would be a welcome additon to his golf bag.

However, it wasn't that kind of IRON!! They got him a clothes IRON not a golf IRON!!

My husband likes to iron his own clothes and is quite particular about how it's done. Early in our marriage I figured this out and so ironing has always been his chore around the house. Now don't go feeling sorry for him because it's mostly his clothes that need the ironing!
So when the old iron BLEW UP I knew that I had to get him another one. A better one, a bigger one and a shinier one! I had to admit that I - a non-ironer - was quite impressed with this one.

He was somewhat disappointed at first but after a trial run he was very pleased to have a new IRON!

Along with the IRON I made him this card from my daughter. You'll have to excuse the condition of the card - he tore it when he opened it and I didn't get a photo until after the fact.

It's a "cuff" card and I used a gem stone brad and a jumbo eyelet to make the fake cuff-link!

Inside the Cuff card is a punch card for ironing session.
I just printed it on the cardstock first and then cut the cuff to size.

I thought he would jump at the chance to teach my daughter his ironing secrets but so far he hasn't. Maybe that's not a bad thing since she burned herself straightening her own hair!!

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