Monday, September 15, 2008

Stampkeeping time...

Today I did a bit of stamp housekeeping or "stampkeeping" as I like to call it!

I needed to go through my Stampin' Up! stamps and identify the recent retired sets. While doing this I decided to re-do my retired identification method. I used to just pop a red dot sticker on the CD case to identify the retired sets. BUT the darn things kept coming off!!

So today I went into my scrap bin and pulled out strips of red cardstock and cut them into bits. I just used my ATG to run a strip of adhesive along it and stuck them behind the stamp set name labels.

Now they're easy to identify and actually easier to read!

I also tackled my acrylic stamp collection.

I've struggled with this for a while - I used to keep all these stamps in a drawer but that wasn't working for me! Dee shared her idea for storing the stamps in page protectors so I found some heavy duty ones (at Staples while back to school shopping) and filled a HUGE binder with them.

Sorry about the photo - the glare is awful and even with the red cardstock behind the page it's hard to see! But you get the idea...

For my smaller $1.50 Michaels stamps (and other smaller acrylic stamps) I used Trading Card Pages that I found at Staples (made by Avery).

Now I still have to sort them out and come out with a catalogue system but this is a start and now they are clearly visible and all in one place!

How do you store your acrylics?

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