Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You've all heard of burning rubber...

Today I'm going to tell you about burning ribbon!

Well, not really burning it but melting it a bit so it doesn't fray.

I learned this technique from Lisa at Local King. She always has her lighter handy because she HATES frayed ribbon and now I do too!

For this you'll need either a torch style bbq lighter or a regular lighter.

I prefer the torch style because the flame is "hotter" (comes out blue like a torch) and it's quick without setting your ribbon on fire!!

This photo below is of Taffeta ribbon that I just cut from the spool.
You see how it's already kind of fraying?
This will only get worse the more you manipulate it for knots and bows!

Here it is after I "torched" it.

Not much difference to the naked eye but if you feel it you'll feel that it has kind of a melted edge and will now NOT FRAY!!

This is a photo of grosgrain ribbon cut from the spool.

Here it is after I "torched" it.

This photo really shows how it's melted and now won't fray!

It works well for almost any ribbon!

BUT BE CAREFUL - EXTRA CAREFUL with organdy ribbon because it starts to burn (I mean FLAME) very quickly.

And you do have to be careful with lighter coloured ribbon keeping the flame off the actual ribbon. It's more of a melting with the heat source coming close but not touching the ribbon!

I encourage you to try it - with some scraps.

I'm sure you'll like it better than the "unintentional" frayed ribbon look and you'll add a lighter or torch to your tool kit. I did!

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