Monday, November 17, 2008

Box Contest

A while ago I ordered some nifty new storage boxes for my Cricut cartridges. They hold 8 cartridges and they take up less space than the originals the cartridges came in.

So I took the old individual cartridge boxes into the Scrap Arts store to see if Shelley wanted them for her kids classes.

She took one look and said - let's have a contest!
I thought it was such a good idea but I had no time to make up a box for the contest - it was supposed to close yesterday but today I found it I have until Monday.
I took a few minutes tonight to make mine - had the idea in my head for a while!

The inside poem reads -

"Each evening as Good-Night is said,

Have a kiss and hop into bed.

When the kisses are gone away,

Christmas will come the very next day!"

Sorry I don't know who originally wrote the poem but I have to say MANY THANKS! I've used it several times to make other projects including this Kiss Countdown.
The kisses are Hershey's Kisses and yes they are glue-dotted into the box!

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