Sunday, November 16, 2008


Just a quick post....

Today I'm going to teach my last Christmas Card Camp before the holidays. No new cards just the ones I made a while ago. See them HERE and HERE.

I've been running around busy with the kids' and dogs' (check out their blog HERE) that I haven't had any time to create any new projects that I can post right now.

However I have been shopping and have lots of new "toys" to play with. Once this class is over I'm taking some time off (going to Bermuda on vacation and then there's Christmas!) but when I get back I'm going to try and create more by participating in Challenges and working on Design Team stuff. Please bear with me while I shift my focus from classes back to creating for fun.

When I first started my blog I used to post a weekly question - something that made you go "MMMM". So while I'm contemplating my change in direction I'm going to leave you with something to ponder...

Would you accept a much less enjoyable job paying twice what you make now? If you received the same pay regardless of your job, what kind of work would you do? If you were financially independent, would you continue to work? If not, what would you do?

NO comment necessary but if you want to share your thoughts or comment on my new blog backgrounds please go ahead!

Thanks for stopping by today...

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