Sunday, July 12, 2009

Personal Product Review: Table Top Cutter

Today I would like to tell you (again) about the Stampin' Up! Table Top Cutter.

I know there have been tons of reviews on this product but now that it's avaialbe to order through Stampin' Up! again I thought I would share with you what I think of it.

I have both versions of this cutter (the orange/grey Tonic version & the black/grey Stampin' Up! version) and I really LOVE them!

It is my GO-TO cutter whenever I'm working on anything - even the kids school work!

I can say this after having done lots of hands on research for paper trimmers/cutters in the past - I think I first reviewed this one in 2007 and it's still my favourite! See this POST.

Here are some details:

The rulers are in CM and Inches.

The first measurement across the top of the base is 3/4" and the last measurement is 6". It's not marked with a 6 but you can easily tell that it is 6".

They both have rulers again at 5 1/2" and at the very bottom going across the base. The base is done in 1/2 squares (grid) and the grid goes to 5 1/2" and all the way down to 12" (these are not marked with numbers only debossed/imprinted grid lines on the base).

For this reason I prefer the Stampin' Up! model over the Tonic orange and grey - the ruler at the top of the Stampin' Up! is silver with black print/lines and easy to read. The Tonic ruler is done in orange with the lines/print as debossing/imprinting to the grey.

This cutter fits in my bag easily - but I have the "Junior" Crop in Style bag!
Saying that I want you to know that it's not flat like the usual track timmers but is approximately 2inches high and measures 7 x 16 inches.

Most of the time I use mine WITHOUT the end handle piece or the attachable measurement arm - I'm just lazy!

One complaint I have is that the handle gets "loose" after time. This happened quite quickly with my orange Tonic version and so I bought the Stampin' Up! one. Again this happened quickly. The solution is to attach an Allen Key to the bottom of your trimmer with masking tape and use it to tighten when necessary.
The other complaint is that you have to get used to pressing down on the finger guard before you cut! But once you use this cutter a while this will become automatic.
You CAN:

- cut paper into really thin strips

- cut through multiple pieces of paper at once (I do 3 at a time)

- the cuts are sharp and clean regardless of paper used (I'm referring to the fraying problem cutting Whisper White with the track trimmers)

- the blade is self-sharpening!

- cut through light chipboard & plastic sheets

- score with it

- make cut-outs - like frames or windows.

I hope this info helps anyone who is considering this cutter or has a customer that needs more info.

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