Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanks a bunch!

Last Friday I had mastectomy surgery and have been homebound "recovering".

It's been hard for me to not do anything but rest & recover but until I get back full mobility (my left arm has been affected) I'm forced to take time off from stamping and crafting (not to mention laundry, dishes, driving etc..).

During this past week I've had some great friends drop by with coffee, feed me and take me out.

As well I've had some deliveries of flowers, magazines, chocolate and other special gifts! Even dog food (thanks Claire!).

I want to thank everyone for their kind support and thoughtfulness! THANKS A BUNCH!

From Heather and Aly:From Jim:

From Zona & Gerry:

From Claire:
From Shelley & the ScrapArts Chicks (Naomi & Dee):

From Betty:


  1. Oh Marie...I know exactly what you are going through. I just had a double on July 28th. I also chose to have reconstructive surgery at the same time. I am still not where I thought I would be mentally and physically. However, each one of us have their own time table for healing; and, I get better and better each day. I wish you the best of luck and healthy, happy days ahead.

    Please email me if you would like to talk.

    Be well my friend!

  2. I pray for your speedy recovery.

  3. Marie -

    5+ years ago my Mom went had a mastectomy, followed by chemo & radiation. She's finished her Tamoxifen & is now on something else (Femara, I think). Other than not having as much energy as she used to, she is doing very well. I hope you're in the same boat sometime soon! It sounds like you have a good support system to help you get through your tough time. My thoughts are with you.

    Take care,

  4. Gentle ((HUGS)) for a speedy recovery so you can get back to the things you love!

  5. Hi Marie,

    Just found out that you had the surgery, best wishes to you, hoping you feeling well soon.