Friday, June 4, 2010

Versatile Tool!

I picked up the Martha Stewart Fringe scissors the last time I was in ScrapArts for cutting paper fringe and confetti.

Check out THIS VIDEO on how to use them on paper.

Today I used them on this.

I'm making a vegetarian ratatouille lasagna dish for dinner tonight (click HERE for the recipe) and I needed to chop someThyme.

I'm a crafter not a chef and chopping this up with a knife seems so dangerous to me (not to mention my knife skills are not that great and I'd hate to cut myself!).

Well I remember both Shelley and Naomi telling me that you can use these to cut up herbs in your kitchen so I thought why not try it out?

I got them out and cut up the Thyme in NO TIME!

Just a word of warning - the blades are thick and the herb tends to pile up in there so make sure to turn the scissors over to release the trapped herbs onto your dish.

Now I'm going to wash them so I can return them to my craft room - or maybe I need a second pair for my kitchen?

Oh Shelley....

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