Thursday, September 2, 2010

Technique Thursday - Spotlighting and Grid

Yesterday it was my boy's 15th Birthday. 
It's so hard for me to believe that my baby is 15!

Anyway I was so busy running around getting ready for his celebration that I didn't get a chance to make a technique sample for you.

Now don't go away - I've still got techniques to share with you from the technique swap that I participated in last month.

Yes I said techniques.  TWO different techniques in fact.

The first one is an oldie but a goodie - Spotlighting.

This technique can be achieved in a few different ways but I'll explain how this sample can be recreated.

1.  Stamp an image on white cardstock with black ink.
2.  Stamp the image again on another piece of paper and select part of the image to "spotlight".  Punch out that part of the image using a punch (1 inch circle in this case). 
3.  Punch out a piece of coloured cardstock using a slightly larger punch (1 1/4 inch circle in this case).
4.  Colour in the spotlighted punched out piece of the image.
5.  Layer the 2 punch out pieces together and adhere to the original image over the part of the image that you want to "spotlight".
The above sample was made by: Donna Dixon

The second one is a cool one - Stamping on a Grid

This technique gives you a neat tile look!

1.  Using a stylus or scoring tool make a grid pattern on your cardstock.
2.  With the debossed/indented side facing up, stamp an image on the paper.
3.  Add more images or embellish as desired.

The above sample was made by: Cynthia McKellar


  1. Very cool technique! Gotta try it.

  2. Hey Marie
    Glad you liked my card... I just received my swaps yesterday and am eager to go through them and make up my new technique album... What a fun swap, eh?