Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No stamping or colouring today!

Today was such a nice day that I felt the need to go outside and work in my garden!

Here's a few photos from my backyard.

These are flowers from my planter boxes.

This is some lavender - at least I think it is. 
I don't do the planting (my husband does) but I'm in charge of the weeding and pruning.
Leeann left a comment asking what this next photo was. 
It's my outdoor fireplace. 
See how the hearth is raised and goes around the entire patio (it's sunken) well it's perfect for entertaining and s'mores parties!
 This maple reminds me of Cousin It from the Adams Family!
This hosta ends up being huge by the end of the summer!
These are the double sliding doors in my dining room. 
I've got fuschia growing in that planter.
 Check out my side gate - it's completely covered in hops and clematis!

 These next two are from flowering trees in my yard.

Blooming chives!

 My husband was "helping" me in the garden.
 Beyond our back fence is a creek and wooded ravine.
Looking at the creek from the opposite side.

 I call these next 2 photos of my backyard the Real Estate Weekly shots.

To the very right - behind the garage - is my son's basketball/sport court.
 Here's Murphy guarding the yard.

Until Next Time!


  1. Beautiful! What is that in the 3rd photo?

  2. You have a beautiful garden and yard, Marie, and what a lovely setting. You must enjoy it immensely.

  3. Thanks for the info about the fireplace... I want one too :) S'mores yummy