Sunday, June 19, 2011

Question and Answer: Copic Storage

One question I get asked a lot is "How do you store your Copic markers?"

I've posted before that I store mine vertically (yes it's ok to store Copics this way) in a clear plastic retail display unit I got over 2 years for about $50. 

ETA 6/21/11: The measurements for this unit are 10" x 16" x 4"

It fits on my counter under my bookshelf.
When I want to use them I slide the unit out onto the counter and take out the markers I need.

Before I got this unit I used to store my Copics in an over-the-door shoe holder with clear plastic pockets.

But as my marker "collection" grew I ran out of space - I think this one held approx 120 markers.

I really liked how it was out of the way yet easy to access and portable.  I could roll it up and take it with me whenever I needed to travel with my markers or even go into another room.

I CAN take my current display unit out of the house but it's heavy!  I've got all 346 markers in there now. 

Luckily I found this tote bag that is the perfect size to slide the display unit in and it has good strong handles for carrying.

How you store your Copics depends on how many you have, where you have space for them, and how much you want to spend.

Click HERE to see a post I did over a year ago on Copic Storage with links.

Below are a few more new storage ideas that I've discovered - from custom made units to simple everyday containers.

Solutions 3 Color Cubbies
Solutions 3 Colour Cubbie in use

Pampered Chef Rotary Tool Caddy

Beverage Container from Target

Wine Rack and DIY Make Your Own out of PVC drain pipe

Make your own out of Slim Jim containers

Make your own out of a cereal box!

Make your own out of foam core display boards!

Individual buckets


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