Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have you seen this???

I just love buying little paper flowers to use on projects - but I'm hoarding them because I don't ever want to "run out"! 

OR maybe I feel like the person I'm making the card for isn't "special" enough for me to use up my stash!

Either way I know I need let go a bit and use up more of my stuff. 

It will be a lot easier for me now since I found some awesome videos on how to make your own "prima" type flowers.

I know there are many videos out there and it can get overwhelming jumping from link to link but I came across THIS ONE and I especially LOVE this one because you can make it with pretty much any circular, star or flower type punch or shapes cut from your dies or cricut machines!

Check THIS video out from Jules (aka Jannaviles)

Until Next Time!

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