Thursday, August 11, 2011

TIP - ID your Copic Markers!

One of the things that I tell everyone BEFORE attending a Copic class is to label their markers.

There are a few ways to do this easily.

1.  Use another Copic marker (Black)  to write your initials on the barrel of each of your markers.  The advantage to this is that if you ever need to get rid of it (ie. if you sell/trade your markers) you can just use the Blender solution (or hand sanitizer) to remove it. 
If you don't have a Black Copic marker you can use a Sharpie pen but be careful not to use your blender pen to remove that ink as the Sharpie ink will stain the Blender pen nib and may transfer later when you don't want it to! 
Another advantage is that if you ever leave behind or misplace the marker it will make it easy to identify it with your initials.
The disadvantage to this method is that you can't label the marker your using to label your markers.  In this case I would just borrow someone else's (same colour) to label that marker.  DYKWIM?

2.  Use your label maker (who doesn't have one of these???) or print labels off your computer to make personalized labels and apply those to the barrell of your marker.

3.  Use some kind of coloured tape to wrap around your marker.  I personally use thin purple coloured masking tape for my markers.  I like that I can easily visually spot which markers are mine.

My daughter has her own markers now and I used the tape idea to label hers. 

She picked out PINK hockey tape!

Since she's also taking them away to school with her in the fall I'm going to add her initials to each one as well.

Whatever method you use make sure that as you add to your collection of markers you are able to continue with the same labelling process.

If you have any other ideas for labelling your markers please leave a comment.  I'd love to hear it!

Until Next Time!


  1. Very creative Marie! i have just one Copic marker @ the moment but i will definitely get to labeling it with my initials J.C.E.

  2. I plan on keeping my Copics so I just dab a little dot of my favourite nail polish to the barrel. Where do you buy the thin purple masking tape ? Thanks for sharing your tips - your colouring is amazing!