Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Use your stuff!

I'm cleaning out my craft room again and while I do this I'm re-evaluating some of my craft stuff.

I have a lot of stamps, tools and supplies and I hardly use some of them! 

My local scrapbooking store - Scrap Arts - will take some of this stuff off my hands for store credit.  How awesome is that!!

While I go through my neglected craft tools and supplies I thought I'd start a feature called "Use your stuff!" to help me re-learn how to use some of it and also decide if I still needed the tool or supply item.

Today's post is about the SCORE BOARD tool. 

I have several and I like different ones for different reasons and every time a new one comes out I feel compelled to buy it.  But really I just need to use the one(s) I have!

I like the Scor-Pal for the self healing mat that sits right inside and I especially like the Scor-Buddy for taking along in my craft tote. But the bone folder thingy that comes with it doesn't work for me so I've used a stylus with it. 

I like the Martha Stewart Score Board for the 1/8" score lines (right across the board) and the envelope template included (it slides under the board for storage).  I really like that it has stickers with card sizes and where to score, box sizes and envelope sizes too and a flip up storage compartment.  So no instructions to hunt for when you're trying to make something! And again I use a stylus with mine not the bone folder thingy it comes with. 

I like the Stampin' Up! Simply Scored one because it comes with 3 place markers and a stylus - YAY! and now there is an add on Simply Scored Diagonal Plate.  This sits on the score board and allows you to score up to 12x12 paper. .

Simply Scored - by Stampin' Up!
I don't have this one but I am very tempted to buy it because it has all the features I like...

but I think I'll pass on it for now since I already own 2 others.

Now getting on to using a score board tool....

I'm pretty sure if you've got one you've probably got the hang of using it for scoring cards but I've been using mine to make envelopes lately and I'm loving it.

I made up some sample envelopes using coloured printer paper.  I'm very visual and I  love to have samples that I can look at!

One of the things I found was that the envelopes are quite a bit bigger than they need to be for the cards they're meant for.  I guess that's not really a bad thing if you've got a thicker card (with lots of layers/embellishments) that doesn't fit in the standard A2 envelope. But I sell my cards and these don't fit in the standard sized cello envelopes.

Now if you have 3D stuff on your cards - like this card I made at a Scrap Arts Make and Take - you might want something with room so that the 3D part doesn't get flattened.

I found this awesome BLOG POST by Kim Duran on how to make a box-like envelope for heavily embellished standard sized cards.

 See how nicely the card fits in there....

Not sure how this would go through the mail - maybe someone can comment on that - but it's perfect for this kind of card and hand delivering!

If you've got some score board tips or comments to share I'd love to read them!

Until Next Time!

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  1. Hello Marie,

    Your envelope looks amazing! I am so glad you found the tutorial helpful. When ever I mail this type of envelope, I always add two postage stamps (just in case). So far, each one I have mailed has arrived safe and sound. Hope you continue to enjoy and thanks for the link too!

    Have a great day! - Kim