Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Organizing!

Even though I have lots of Sizzix Dies and Nestabilities I still like to use punches.  They are quick and convenient when you have space to store them properly!

I've outgrown my current storage system - I thought I had this under control by using these IKEA racks to hold my "mostly used" punches
and a "behind the door" shoe holder for my border punches and new Stampin' Up! flat style punches.

I love having my punches out in the open like this but now I've run out of room and have gone back to putting punches in drawers.  And they don't get used if they're not in view!

I've cleared a space on my desk and I'm thinking of adding a 3rd row IKEA rack (on the right).  Unfortunately IKEA doesn't sell the kind I bought anymore so I'll have to find one similiar. 
OR maybe I just need to get rid of some of my punches? 

I have so much ribbon you would not believe it.  I admit it - I'm a ribbon hoarder!
I won't even show you how much ribbon I have but I will show you how I store my "mostly used" ribbon.

I have 3 Making Memories Embellishment centres but I choose not to use the ribbon dowels. 
Instead I use these Store In Style Ribbon Spool Stackers and sort my ribbon by colour or theme.

I like this pant hanger idea but I can only use 2 of the 4 rods!

I just used one that I had at home but if you're shopping for one of these I would suggest you take some spools of ribbon with you to test out the space between each rod.

This is only a small fraction of my ribbon "collection" and if I wanted to really organize it I would need one (or more) of these bad boys. 
 Isn't this amazing!! It's made by Patty and her husband.  Click the photo to read more about it.
You can keep it out or slide it into a cupboard (if you had an empty cupboard that is!).

For other embellishments I use these Making Memories drawers which fit perfectly in the Embellishment centres.
I also use these clear plastic craft jars (large and small)
but mostly I keep my embellishments (stickers, rubons, glitter, brads etc)  in Best Craft Organizer drawer units like this.

I really like how Shannon stores her stickles using a cookie sheet and magnetic circles. Click the photo to read about it on her blog.

Stickles storage

But I don't have a lot of Stickles or Glitter Glue bottles so I just needed something smaller. 
I used to keep them on my desk top but in an effort to clear some space for another punch rack I opted for a Best Craft Organizer Dazzle Caddy.  I got mine at Scrap Arts and I use both the base and the lid to store my glitter bottles.

If you have any suggestions to help me (and others) with storage ideas for punches, ribbon, or embellishments please leave a comment.

Until Next Time!

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