Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Fever - Organizing time!!

I've been trying to de-clutter my craft room for the last month or so but it's such an overwhelming job that I keep stopping and starting.

And I've got a few other things on the go right now that keep pulling me away from this task.

Last night I went through my loose wooden stamps (yes I still have some on wood blocks!) and I pulled out a quite a few (this cupboard was full!) but I'm still keeping so many. 

I kind of forgot what I had - out of sight out of mind I guess!

Makes me wish I had kept a catalogue of my stamps from the beginning or finished the ones I tried to start over the years.

When I get overwhelmed in my craft room I move into other areas of the house to de-clutter.

My daughter is moving out and so I've been going through my whole house to see what I can "donate" to her.  This is really helping me de-clutter!

I've gone through my kitchen drawers, linen closet, and garage!

To help keep me motivated I've been watching some videos and following a fellow blogger as she goes through a  "cleanse" of her craft room.

Click HERE to see an organizing expert tour her super organized condo.  Very motivating but kind of extreme!!

Click HERE to see Justine, a scrapbook consultant, tour her organized craft room.  There are some great tips in this video!

Click HERE to follow along with Kate Palmer on her Sparkle Tart blog as she works on a 30 DAY CRAFT ROOM CLEANSE.

I hope this helps to motivate you to keep your room tidy or re-organize if you need to!

Until Next Time!

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