Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Inspiration Comments

Thanks so much for all your comments and links with suggestions for helping me get my creative juices going again.

Some of the suggestions being shared are to visit various blogs, SCS, other online sites and just browse. Also, someone suggested CASing for a while, maybe tweaking a bit & original ideas will eventually come.

One of the suggestions that I have followed up on is to do a Challenge. If you've never tried this before I highly recommend that you do this.

Lots of bloggers and SCS offer weekly challenges and even though I've only done this twice (both times with sketches from Diane's blog) I find it does work for me. In both cases I have not liked either the colour combinations nor the stamp sets but it forced me to try something new.

One of the hardest things for me is coming up with a layout that works. For a while there I was stuck in a "layout rut" and most of my card were beginning to look the same.

In most of these challenges you are given a sketch, ink/paper colours, stamps or a photo for inspiration.

If you know of any good Challenge posts feel free to share them too in the Traffic Jam post comments.

Thanks again and keep them coming!

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