Sunday, June 24, 2007

Faux Stitching & Machine Stitching

I've been asked if the stitching on the Baby card in this post was done on a sewing machine or with a gel pen.

I'll answer here and let you all know that it is Faux Stitching done with a push pin, mouse pad and a while gel pen. In my opinion the best white gel pen on the market is the one from Stampin' Up! It comes out nice and white without that roller ball bald spot through the centre.

Faux Stitching is a fabulous technique and really very easy to do. You can use whatever colour ink marker you want for the stitches and not just white.

Rather than "reinvent the wheel" and do my own tutorial on Faux Stitching I'm going to direct you to Emily Giovanni's blog.

Emily's done an awesome job of showing you how to make the different stitches using the Faux Stitching technique.

If you are interested in machine sewing on cards then you should check out Julia Stainton's blog.
Julia's done an amazing job of putting together a tutorial to show you how easy it is.



  1. Aww, thank you for sharing my tutorial! I hope it was useful!

  2. Thanks so much Marie for linking up my tutorial! I really appreciate it!