Sunday, July 22, 2007

Crop-a-dile & NEW feature added to my blog!

I've added a new feature to my blog.

I'm going to try and keep up a list of links to some tools and other products that are available on the market now. They will be listed by topic on the right hand sidebar ------>

The first one up is the Crop-a-dile. The Crop-a-dile can easily punch through things like chipboard, leather, and tin.

This handy-dandy little tool's been around for a little while now on the crafting scene but it's not a NEW tool by any means. It's actually a revamp of a tool that's been used in the auto industry for quite some time. Just check out Princess Auto's catalogue and you'll see the same tool - without the pretty coloured handles - for a fraction of the cost!

I've had the pink handled one for over a year but now there's a green handled one with a matching carrying case and you can even purchase the matching pink case for your pink handled Crop-a-dile. Even Stampin' Up! has added it to their Fall/Winter Catalogue (black handles).

I have to admit that mine just sat in the packaging for months until I actually saw it action (on the home shopping channel!). I was amazed and that's when I realized it's full potential. I LOVE IT!!! It's become a permanent fixture in my crafting tool caddy.

However, this new addition to the Stampin' Up! catalogue has prompted a number of inquiries from my customers. So I thought I'd add a list of all the Crop-a-dile links and Tutorials that I come across on my sidebar ----->

Check it out! Even if you already have a Crop-a-dile it's helpful to see it in action again just to remind you what a fabulous tool this is!

The only downside (for me) to this tool is that the instructions ARE TOO SMALL!! I have a hard time reading the small print and so I found the instructions online in PDF format. Much easier to read!

If you find a Crop-a-dile link that you'd like to share please leave me a comment!

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